Carly Vidal-Wallace


Having grown up in the world of textiles, pattern making, fabrics and family business, Carly is now a multi-talented business entrepreneur, having won Telstra awards, lived in Paris and worked for in runway and event production, mentoring and business management.

She has a passion for networking and connecting all facets of the Qld Fashion industry both locally and when she is abroad in LA so that everyone no matter the background can feel part of the community, with a particular passion for the Qld first nations and creating pathways in Qld for students and established designers alike.

Laura Churchill


Laura is a Brisbane based stylist and fashion writer specialising in runway and event production. As former fashion editor of the Courier-Mail, Laura has a strong network of industry contacts and has gained a reputation for championing and presenting Brisbane fashion on the local and national stage.

Laura is also heavily involved in the annual Brisbane Royal Exhibition (#Ekka) runways where she brings her flair for events and runways on a grande scale.