Genkstasy (a mix of genki; which in Japanese means life-force/energy/spirit, and ecstasy; pure joy) came about as my love of HipHop music and Street Fashion came up against my growing awareness of the impact the fashion industry has on those who work within it, and on our environment. It got to a point where I just couldn’t buy into that system anymore, but that didn’t change my aesthetics. I was still drawn to streetwear and out-there fresh styles, and since I couldn’t find the styles that I loved made ethically, I decided I’d have to make them.

So I started Genkstasy, hoping change the way we all experience and participate in fashion.

It’s an Un-gendered Ethical Alt-Luxe Fashion Label with an aesthetic born of modern cultural fusion and inclusion.

I love the way Japanese and Hip Hop fashions encourage powerful, political, and unique experimentation with, and expression of, who we are and what we stand for through what we wear. Layering that ethos with vintage prints, and nostalgic future-fresh colours creates our natsukashi・atarashi aesthetic. Genkstacy is equality, and freedom of expression. It’s about being who you are, authentically.
It’s Freedom, Play, and Staunch Principles.

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