URBBANA is an expression of luxury, a brand that bases its reputation on excellence and quality of all products from the elegant fabrics to exceptional stitching. The URBBANA venture started in 2009 when Sam Abi, the brand’s founder and designer, launched his first signature collection in Brisbane-Australia, utilising prestigious fabrics and leather from Italy, Turkey and Portugal. Along with the finest raw materials and traditional tailoring techniques, the garments and shoes are created with innovative skill, quality and advanced technology. The tailoring tradition combined with original styles, are influenced by the Australian and Mediterranean flair to offer top quality products with focal points from the smallest details.

“URBBANA” has quickly developed as a symbol of elegance and sophistication in the Australian fashion scene


If I am  to summarize my style in 2 words; “Flamboyant Classic”

Naturally as a designer, my style is reflected of what I like to wear or see other gentlemen wearing.

“Work” and “Play” is the concept I use in most of my designs with focal points from the smallest details. We all have a serious side of us at work and a hidden, playful childish side that we try to hide! This could be reflected in a classy black dress jacket with fine red stitching on button holes or floral lining!!…. When it comes to colours and patterns, I am mostly influenced by nature, skies, gardens, animals, Insects…etc..  The fascinating natures of the Mediterranean and Australian surroundings have endless beauty. It is this timeless, yet ever enticing force that drives the passion of what embodies URBBANA.