Hope Hill grew up in a large family with older sisters and was raised in a world of frugal living and hand me down clothes. It was a rare occasion when she received a brand new outfit that was entirely her own. It is through those humble beginnings that Hope was enlightened to the emotion that clothing can inspire.

Hope Hill launched House of Hope Hill to harness the transformative power of clothing and share this with women around the world.

Clothing has many powers and can inspire many feelings. Empowerment, strength, beauty & confidence are just a few feelings Hope Hill aims to inspire in her customers so that they too, can truly believe, they can achieve their wildest dreams.

With a focus on Australian fashion House of Hope Hill is exclusively designed and made in Brisbane by Hope herself and each ready to wear collection is produced in limited edition quantity to remain exclusive to the buyer.

These high quality, timeless pieces will remain a highlight in your wardrobe for many years to come with the ability to match with new season items to remain on trend. Combining a strong design vision and a passion for detail Hope Hill creates clothes with a focus on strong silhouette, texture and sophisticated minimalism.

House of Hope Hill’s modern woman feels most confident in a crisp new outfit with a great pair of heels no matter the occasion. When she looks in the mirror in her Hope Hill garment she knows she can achieve anything.