We are a collective of creative people who are inspired by the positive and nurturing elements of woman all over the globe.

Women who love to be active, who live a fun, fulfilled yet balanced lifestyle and who ultimately believe in their own personal style and place in the world.

Kanaloa Swimwear Director, Samantha, has been in the creative industries for over 20 years. Marketing, branding, consumer communications and media have been her passion and with many successful brands launched and supported by her expertise in this time, Samantha is now thrilled to be a part of something new. Something that is inspired by the individuality of women and the beach lifestyle that she has grown up to know, love and cherish.

Our brand?

A divine duality of the wild and the tame. Bringing total confidence to oneself, of both body and soul. This is the essence of Kanaloa. This is what embodies the creative force between our unique prints and universal designs. Be the centre of your own being, your own style, and embrace the divine lifestyle that makes us human.