Covering up has never looked so sexy. MARA swim launched this year, with the label transforming the boring rashie into Luxe Sun Protection Swimwear – and it was all inspired by a sister’s melanoma survival.

Naomi was diagnosed with a Melanoma in 2014, which was treated with surgery. Luckily for her this was because her best friend and sibling, Kirsty, noticed the changing mole on her arm at its early stages, so it could be treated early. And it was from this life changing moment, that the MARA swim concept was born.

Both with their own very unique taste, the sisters soon identified that luxury and style was missing from the sun protection market. Townsville Sisters Naomi Collings and Kirsty Parnell (now living in Brisbane), created MARA swim and aimed to change the way people think sun protection should look.

MARA swim educates people about sun protection as well as designing Swimwear that Empowers woman to have a stylish option to cover up and be smart about sun protection.

This high-end collection, “Au” was launched March this year exclusively through, offering Luxury One and Two-piece body shaping Designs. Each piece carries its own individual print and eye-catching Elements; this is very distinct throughout the MARA swim Label. The rich fabrics are 50+ UVP, and the Label is Australian made. Bringing, Sophisticated Sun Safe swimwear to Australia.