sticks + stone craft every product with love, compassion + integrity. All garments are designed, developed + produced in ethical production houses in Australia, using the finest certified, sustainable organic materials.

sticks + stone successful debut collection was launched in late 2016 to a ground swell of energy. A favourite amongst conscious fashion lovers & style queens alike, sticks + stone hit the runway amongst Queensland fashion royalty, as part of the 2017 Ekka Fashion Parades, celebrating natural fibres.

The soon to be released follow up collection; Akin Reality, draws inspiration from both the beauty & perils that surround us in our environment. From the large, flowing ocean waves that revitalise even the weariest warrior, to the movements & cultural expressions that continue to bring people together across the globe. The collection boasts a soft elegance, volumised via key silhouettes + balanced with simple staples for effortless comfort and minimalism.

At the heart of the collection is a collaboration with local textile print designer; Lauren Malone of The Indigo Room. The custom print, featured on two items within the collection, explores the everyday fashion lovers role at the heart of the entire fashion process. Garments are poured over for hours, with endless care, by many talented hands with great love for their craft. When the fashion lover puts the garment on, they should feel connected to this process & empowered to make a difference via their choices. In doing so, creating treasured meaning in the garment, so it is loved & worn forever.