My life as a #teacup | #shoe | #flower | #designer has evolved and changed in this #rotating | #spinning | #changing | #evolving world… This world has finally slowed down… Breath.

Rain is falling, puddles are filling, dogs are cosy on a blanket inside. Tomorrow is Sunday and a picnic is planned, in a #wild | #natural | #blossoming meadow filled with buttercups, dandelions , bumblebees, jacaranda trees and thick fluffy clouds in the sky.

The Porcelain Tree brand started while living & working in London, while working for some amazing fashion brands, while living & collecting antiques | beautiful | handmade | artisanal things.

Now … naturally ideas grow | develop
This October brings new adventures, Brisbane Fashion Month #BFF and Artisan. My working life has always evolved a round fashion in Australia and Internationally. A few years back I wanted to do something new | brain food | stimulating.
I am still a Fashion Lecturer | Freelance Fashion Worker | Blogger by day
Shoes became my passion | Fashion affair | Secret love by night

Our delightful range of clothing and shoes is small, yet perfectly formed. It’s created | handmade | designed slowly | locally for function | form | fashion. Summer for us is about living, feeling clean with life and allowing the world to be free. It’s about being on holiday and slowing down. Timeless style and perhaps no tech. We are inspired by ropes this summer from my childhood grouping up on boats & the mountains surrounding our wonderful coastline, family picnics & kisses. We love crisp clean cotton, strong stretch ponte & embellishments.

Our lifestyle is Neutral Natural Nature … . Oh & super sexy | cool shoes.

#slowfashion | #handmade | #local |#TPT | #fashionrevolution

Nicole McNiven Corr